Our Speciality

Dr Dhaval Patel is first ophthalmologist from Gujarat to get ophthalmology training from R.P.Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi. Also He is among the very few consultants who are AIIMS graduate and practicing in Ahmedabad and currently the only AIIMS certified ophthalmologist working in Ahmedabad.

Our Services

Sadbhaav Eye and Dental Clinic is equipped with cutting edge technology to serve you and your family. Although the facility is relatively new, our team has many years of experience and is ready to serve you the best.

Facilities available in Sadbhaav Eye & Dental Clinic

Eye Clinic

☛ Comprehensive Eye Checkup
☛ Refraction & Contact Lenses
☛ Cataract Management
☛ Refractive Surgery (LASIK)
☛ Glaucoma Management
☛ Corneal Diseases
☛ Medical Retina

Dental Clinic

☛ Restoration
☛ Root Canal Therapy
☛ Dental Bridge
☛ Dental Crown
☛ Cleaning & Scaling
☛ Cosmetic Dentistry
☛ Implants